EUROmodul automatic and classic public toilets and restrooms

EUROmodul is the leading street furniture, advertising equipment, containers and public toilets manufacturer in South East Europe and the wide range of products put us among the World leaders. Our products can be found in the streets and city squares of many cities. We received recognition for our dynamic development and business success, as well as for advanced innovations from the World famous jury, REDDOT and iF product design awards!

Toilet restrooms – reinvented by EUROmodul

Exploring new frontiers, most of the things has been done. Most of the things have been achieved. Most of the goals have been set. So they say, where others tend to stop, we tent to move. We are not afraid to be the leaders of ingeniosity. Every day we create something new.
We question everything, all over again, from the start. We are those who break new ground, investigate new concepts, make new perceptions.

Our toilets starting from basic, manual up to Automatic, Self-cleaning models offer the same functionality of toilet space, but each with distinctive class of it's own. Our restrooms can satisfy the need for speed, economy, comfort or they can be just eXceptional.

What are our main benefits:
  • Design
    A breeze of fresh wind raises our sails and creates our route on new horisons. Proudly we display our honorable designers crew awarded with REDDOT design award and iF design award.
  • Custom made
    EUROmodul is handcrafted manufacturer which is specialised in engineering for CUSTOM MADE projects. Request your design, toilet user space, equipment, materials and we will advice you with our offer for best possible durability of usability.
  • Anti vandal
    We've been working for years, making our products user – friendly and of course, longterm customer satisfactory. Anti vandal characteristics have been on the top of the list of priorities for our clients when use and durability is concerned.
  • Technology
    A 15 years of constant testing and technology implementation made our belief in founding what we now know is the best hygenic system that is being used.
  • Knowhow
    European made, 25 years of production, 36 patents, 3 factories, more than 150 people working together for deliveries on several continents made our knowhow work for our users: we treat all our customers with the same belief. EUROmodul is the only and first company in the World that installed automatic public toilets in Russian Siberia wich have harsh conditions on temperature of -40ºC. 

Highlighted reference

Luxury and custom made sanitary at sea - Yacht Marina Punat

EUROmodul engineered and produced exclusive custom made sanitary containers as modular complex for Yacht Marine instelled on a sea pontoon. Modular building is assambled from 3 containers separated to men and women user spaces plus showers and technical area.

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EUROmodul design

reddot award