Vacuum for mobile or permanent public toilets

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vacuum system public toilets

EUROmodul vacuum toilet system is autonomous and mobile, adapted to conditions of exploitation in locations where it is not possible to connect it to water supply and sewage system. Otherwise, vacuum bowls system can be installed instand of traditional toilet bowls on permanent classic or automatic public toilets.


It consists of power and water distribution system, technical area heating system and a system for storage and removal of faeces, power system and water distribution, which consists of a polypropylene tank, with 800 litres capacity, hydropack, a boiler and hot water mixer.

  • Technology of the removal and storage of sewage waste water consists of the EUROmodul vacuum system which consumes 8 times less water in comparison with a standard gravity system. The vacuum pump is additionally equipped with a system that processes all foreign bodies into small pieces that can be eventually found in the pipeline. The waste liquid is sent to the 1200 litres polypropylene tank, which is equipped with the measuring sensors and the ventilation system that prevents odors in the technical area.                              

Gray water and sewage tanks can be independently access through a separate door without entering inside technical space. That enables the separation of sanitary servicing from maintenance service.

mobile public toilets with vacuum toilet bowls

EUROmodul is providing solutions and quality service. Mobile toilets are equipped with tanks for technical and sewage water, independent of the city's sewer network and the supply of drinking water. Thanks to EUROmodul vacuum system technology, large number of users can use toilet to fulfil sewer tanks. Our mobile public toilets have been used by many major companies for their corporate functions and at high profile events. Large or small, our dedication to our clients and the service we offer them remains at the highest level.


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