SANITARY CABINS for individual construction

26.09.2017. 14:32:37

The new project EUROmodul provide is sanitary cabins for individual constructions for custom made toilets.Since most of the toilet objects or cabins fits individual, specific needs for specific location, there are limitless possibilities what can be made, optimised or changed.

Each toilet is therefore initially discussed and on the end 'tailor made' for individual project, individual location, specific use.With more than a two decades of dedicated manufacutring, engineering, service and experience behind us, and thousands of satisfied customers, EUROmodul will provide a first class classic toilet for you and your guests.

SECTION of the floor

The floor section is equipped with a top siphon and drain pipe from PP to EN 1451-1B "VARGON" to the installation channel.

It is made of: a load-bearing steel structure made of galvanized parts with zinc-corrosion-resistant zinc coatings, 2x18 mm cement wafers and glass wool as a filler. The floor is covered with waterproofing foil and anti-slip ceramic tiles of dimension 200X200 mm, whose color chooses the customer according to a specific catalog.


Wall scales are made of: cold-formed profiles made of galvanized steel sheet, thermal and acoustic insulation of mineral wool thickness 60 mm, steam dams, 2x12.5 mm moisture-proof gypsum board and ceramic tiles 10 mm thick on the inside, while the outer visible side sets a 1x12.5 mm moisture-proof gypsum board, while other plaster boards 1x12.5 mm are set after positioning the unit in the object's facility.


Equipping the sanitary unit is performed in accordance with the EUROmodule technical documentation for each type of sanitary unit approved by the customer.The rectangular or semicircular bathtubs are very simple, harmonious lines. Since it is available in many different dimensions, it is suitable for installation in almost any bathroom.