VACUUM public toilet for ferry port STINICA

31.08.2015. 08:55:42

Our client requested us to provide public toilet solution for location where doesn’t exist connection of clean water and sewage system network. EUROmodul provide best option and manufacture, installed VACUUM public toilet for ferry port STINICA for island of Rab with sewage and technical water tanks. System is operating through PLC system and vacuum toilet bowls which consumption is only 0.7L per user instead of classic toilet bowls which consumption is 7-9 litters per user.

Vacuum bowls and water / sewage tanks

Toilet module is indipendent from water and sewage network on location which allows simple and fast moving to new locations if needed. Two separate, water and sewage are mounted in toilet technical area. Integrated EUROmodul vacuum system for flushing toilet bowls uses only 0.7 L instead of standard 9 litres of water

PLC control unit

EUROmodul newest PLC software and hardware controls the whole vacuum public toilet within all functions for coin box machines, toilet status ( free, occupied, out of use, service modes ), vacuum toilet water and sewage tanks, control of heating system and the rest of the toilet hardware ( pumps, electronic status, etc…) .