EUROmodul has been testing toilets for years, making it more user – friendly and of course, also longterm customer satisfactory. Anti vandal characteristics have been on the top of the list of priorities of our clients when longterm use and durability is concerned.

The antivandal concept that we developt consists in several mayor achievements:

  • Moving equipment from user spaces to technical (storage) spaces with no equipment or elements on the walls, it's impossible to stole them or to be vandalised

  • Durable, quality stainless steel materials with antivandal characteristics

  • Toilets are designed to be antivandal:

    • exteriour: for instances HPL laminates are best for strenght, stainless steel for sprays

    • interiour: same as outside, HPL laminates are best for strenght purpose, stainless steel for vandalysing sprays

    • elements: stainless steel elements are most durable (stainless steel toilet bowl can be hardly ruined in comparation to non-vandal cheramic toilet bowl)

Technical spaces

Technical or often called also service spaces are excellent concept for:

  • monitoring all toilet's installations, easily exchangable

  • easy refilling of every day toilet necessities – detergent, toilet paper refills (even if somebody is using the toilet at the same time)

  • storage space – cleaning personnel can use it for storage of supplies, broom, hose for rinsing, etc.