Automatic toilets



Automatic, selfcleaning toilets and restrooms are our top-range products, intended as hi-class toilet facilities frequently used in international cities. Our long term, 25 years engineering excellence is a result of managing with precision mechanisms, software and firmware. APTs contains all characteristics of classic toilets, but incorporate more hygenic technology as toilet seat disinfection and floor cleaning. EUROmodul devices are patented.

High quality prefabricated buildings

Automatic toilets as prefabricated buildings are manufactured to the highest quality standards because of many years of experience in the production of this prefabricated buildings for various purposes such as clinics, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices for construction sites, offices and dormitories for half the oil, etc. .. more info our system and the quality of construction can be viewed on the website

Different options

Sanitary public facilities can be made by EUROmodul standard user spaces and sanitary equipment but there is also the possibility of CUSTOM MADE manufacturing upon your specification and design.


Automatic public toilets - restrooms are equiped with MAGIC BOX II – toilet seat disinfector device for which EUROmodul company owns an international patent for the design and function of the Magic Box II device. Our know how, «brain» of automatic toilets is installed inside toilet technical room with HIGH END electronic technology thats operate with all functions of toilet.

The automatic toilet includes a processor control and processor monitors for each element in the toilet, making them work as one unique, smart element. Processor's main controls are:

Magic Box II toilet seat disinfector unit is PATENTED device, heart of automatic selfcleaning public toilet which can be used as separate self cleaning toilet seat unit installed in various applications in  hospitals, railway stations, bus stops, shopping malls, etc.

Automatic Selfcleaning toilet has three LED lights that indicate a particular working condition:

Green - Toilet cabin is free and ready for use
When all elements are in perfect working order, toilet was freshly cleaned and free to be used, on the control panel lights up green.

Orange - Toilet is being used or is in cleaning process
After the person exits the cabin, sensors check the cabin, and if it's free, automatic cleaning process starts to disinfect toilet seat and floor. If the sensors notice the presence of persons and the cleaning process has started, cleaning system immediately stops and the system starts again when there are no obstacles.
The process includes washing, cleaning and drying toilet seat and washing the floor.

Red - Toilet is out of service
Toilet may be out of use in several cases:

  • Closed during night hours - the so-called, night mode pre-programmed time period
  • When there is no electricity, water, paper or detergent or due to vandalism or technical failure

Floor cleaning is asociated with toilet seat cleaning mechanism and it's being done when there is no presence in toilet cabin. Floor cleaning is programmed so that it operates every 10 toilet uses or upon individual case. The nozzles clean the toilet floor and remove the small impurities which are than directed to water drain underneath. The floor surface is anti-slip which evitate possible accidents.
The floor is being dried with toilet heating.


SOS is clearly visible (RED) button which inform toilet surrounding that toilet user might need assistance. It's positioned near the toilet floor, and can be easily reached while laying down. By pressing the SOS button, the toilet doors are automatically unlocked and opened (if the toilet is equipped with sliding doors). On top of entrancedoor is activated audio-visual alarm consisting of LED flashes and sound alarm.

The alarm stops after programmed time (usually 3 minutes) after which can be additionally pressed. The SOS button is autonomus or connected to service center or SMS sending service depending on toilet's connectivity on individual location

When a person enters the toilet, the cabin is automatically illuminated.
The light goes OFF after a person exits the toilet space, making toilet power consumption as minimal as possible. 


Most toilets have standard heating and colling depending of the installation location.
Heating or cooling works in symbiosis with thermal insulation, optimising the customer experience dependant to local climate.

The heating or cooling is automatic, programmable and can be controlled for minimal power consumption if toilet is not in function for instance during winter periods, evitating the  possibility that the water gets frozen and therefore makes damage or ruins the toilet normal operation.



Ventilation is being challenge to engineer as it offers constant refreshment of toilet cabin from odors.
In some cases a pre-heating can be installed for harsh climate condition evitating the fresh air from ventilation to cool the heated cabin space.

EUROmodul unique ventilation system for harsh climate condition countries with pre-heated technology is developed to meet the toughest tasks.


Our vision is to satisfy the most demanding needs of the client and users to the highest standards.

User space for people with disabilities are according to Germany standards DIN1 and DIN2. We are also manufacturing according to different standards if needed – custom made production.